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Whitney Eaddy - The Growth Guru

A Celeb Natural Hair Growth & Care Expert, at her core, Whitney is a Healer. She's set out on an intentional mission to empower women to restore their truest-self. With over 16 years of experience in Natural Hair, Whitney is internationally known for "Her Growing Hands" as the ultimate afro-whisperer, credited for assisting her clients in growing their natural hair to great lengths. Her intrinsic purpose is to reverse the narrative society has created regarding black women and their afro-textures. She has cared for thousands of clients around the world – coaching them through their healthy, natural hair care and growth journey. Whitney’s own personal hair care journey began with chemical relaxers at the young age of two and continued through her late teens. It was at age 19 when she had a revelation that the black women community, herself included, were at large damaging the integrity of their curls, kinks, and coils; all to adhere to century-old fallacies that European standards defined beauty. From that day forward, she discarded those malpractices and began her crusade towards inspiring women of all textures to embrace their natural hair. Beyond Whitney’s hair journey, she is an educated woman with a diverse professional background. She studied Public Relations and Marketing at Hampton University, garnered experience in corporate recruiting & sales, and previously operated her own independent makeup artistry and photography company. Comprehensively, these various experiences have curated the brilliant entrepreneurial-mindset that Whitney possesses today, which ultimately has culminated in her five businesses all branded under The Growth Guru. Whitney’s unique understanding of healthy hair and her ability to grow all afro-textures is purely self-taught. Her undeniable "Her Growing Hands" methodologies continue to show radical results, which have intensified the demand for her gifts and knowledge all over the world. Though hair growth serves as a catapult for Whitney, her overarching mission is to cultivate growth in areas far beyond hair. Her platform is healthy hair, but her ministry is rooted in self-love and empowerment!