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Hydration Guide

Download PDF of Hydration Guide Here

Juices N Berries believes that your curls are entitled to the utmost hydration! Therefore we have created a Hydration Guide to help you navigate your healthy hair journey more seamlessly with total-hydration hair therapy. This is a new approach to hair hydration. Traditionally, hair care hydration products are heavy and filled with ingredients that do not penetrate. Juices N’ Berries Hydration Hair Therapy is designed to deeply hydrate, as opposed to products that just sit on top of the hair. Juices N Berries offers a revolutionized way to nourish the hair. Each product is carefully curated to serve an exact purpose. 

Before we get started in our guide, there are a few things we want to point out to you: 

  • There is a stark difference between products that moisturize and products that hydrate. Typically, products that provide moisture are heavier and less absorbent. Products that provide hydration are water-based and deeply penetrate the follicles. 
  • H2O is your friend! H2O in products, H2O you drink, H2O any way you can get it. It’s your friend. But like most good things, it requires moderation. Too much, and it can do some reverse damage. 
  • Your hair does need products to quench its thirst! It needs good stuff! The weightless nutrients that are absorbent and penetrate your strands in Juices N' Berries are ideal to give your hair the BOOST that it needs to hydrate, heal, revive and grow!  

Juices N’ Berries is honored to aide your healthy hair growth journey and provide you with a new approach to the way that you hydrate! For optimum hydration, swipe through the guide or download the pdf here and follow the steps.