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Grow Different Movement


The Growth Guru has identified that one of the most pervasive issues facing those with textured hair is dryness that prevents them from obtaining their hair length goals, but that many are miseducated about how to solve this problem. Juices & Botanics hair therapy is Whitney's revolutionary system designed to infuse hydration into every strand of thirsty hair for optimal hair growth and length retention. Textured stands, every curl, kink, coil, and wave, are beautiful in their organic-state, and simply need time, love and hydration. At Juices & Botanics, we also believe in rejecting societal untruths and showing that we as Black women can grow our hair, ourselves and our communities through self-love, self-care and sisterhood.
Contrary to what you may have been taught: hydrating and moisturizing are not the same, hair typing is not the best basis for product selection, and textured hair does not need heavy products. Hydrating is the process of infusing every strand with vital natural proteins, nutrients and vitamins, while moisturizing is what happens when you seal in that hydration. The Growth Guru, does not believe in "hair typing"since structurally all hair is more alike than many acknowledge. And when it comes to textured hair, lightweight products that are formulated with ingredients that can penetrate the hair strand work best.
A decade in the making, Juices & Botanics is the result of Whitney's work with chemists to create a collection of hair care solutions that fulfills essential healthy hair needs by quenching even the thirstiest of hair and sealing in hydration. Every ingredient was thoughtfully selected and every product carefully formulated to provide you with at-home hydration hair therapy that nourishes the scalp and follicle, facilitating an environment for optimal hair growth and promoting length retention. The Growth Guru acknowledges that Black women have been neglected within luxury hair care for far too long and took action to create quality products in beautiful packaging that provide real results.