The Juice Box Luxe


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The Juice Box Luxe
The Juice Box Luxe


The Juices & Botanics, complete and comprehensive, hydration system is ALL you need for an optimal hair growth journey. From deep cleansing and conditioning down to locking in all the moisture and defining your strands - The LUXE Box gives you all the tools you need for healthy & hydrated hair. You may wonder the difference between the GOLD box & the LUXE box, and the answer is simply that the latter contains the extra necessary products to add deep cleaning & deep conditioning to your routine.  Accelerate your hair growth journey with The LUXE Box. 


The Juice Detox Deep Cleanser 

The Juicy Smooth Conditioner 

The Juice Cleanse CoWash 

The Juice Replenishing Leave in Spray

The Quench Cream 

The Drip or The Drip Gentle 

The HydraCream Cream 

The Juicy Curl Cream

Hair Growth Berries

The Juice Box Luxe
The Juice Box Luxe